DataChangers Frequently Asked QuestionsThis DataChangers frequently asked questions overview tries to answer your questions. If your question is not answered, please share it with us!

Question: What do I need to start a DataChangers course?
Answer: You only need a Windows Live ID email address. With this Windows Live ID email address, you can register on our DataChangers Academy. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID yet, you can either create one here: You can create a new email address, or use one of your existing email addresses, and set it up as a Windows Live ID. After registration on the DataChangers Academy, you can explore the courses and enroll.

Question: Are the courses really for free?

Answer: Yes they are! We believe in lifelong learning and want to facilitate you to keep up to the latest skills. Optionally you can buy a voucher for a Certificate of Completion after completing a course, which you can share on LinkedIn.

Question: I’ve finished my course, no what?

Answer: You have to option to buy a voucher for a Certificate of Completion, which you can share on LinkedIn. And of course we hope that you will continue learning, and enroll in other courses.

Question: I would like to offer these courses to my students, would that be possible?

Answer: Yes, that is possible, please contact us on learning [at] datachangers [dot] com.

Question: I run an NGO/Foundation, do you have special voucher rates?

Answer: Yes, we understand that NGOs/Foundations have different monetary goals. Please send us your question to learning [at] datachangers [dot] com.


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