Avans Hogeschool Program

This Avans Hogeschool Program offers introduction courses about Data & AI:

A Practical Introduction to Data Analysis

Digital transformation and advanced technologies like AI and quantum computing are fueled by data. Every industry and profession needs data analysis, from a small business’s survey data to CERN’s hundreds of petabytes per experiment. Analyzing data is one of the most critical skills of the future. This course will bring you from the very beginnings of data concepts and structures in context, all the way through analyzing data, telling data stories effectively, and understanding the environments in which data exists throughout our work and life. It will also start you on the path to becoming a data analyst. Throughout the course, we’ll reference additional courses and learning paths you can take to help you on your data career journey.

Analytics Storytelling for Impact

All analytics work begins and ends with a story. Storytelling with data is the analytics professional’s missing link in delivering the essence of date signals and insights to executives, management, and other stakeholders. In this analytics storytelling course, you’ll learn effective strategies and tools to master data communication in the most impactful way possible—through well-crafted analytics stories.

For this course, you need some basic Power BI skills. Are you new to Power BI? No worries, find herewith some free Learning Paths on Microsoft Learn:

Instructions for the students

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