Front-End Web Development – Microsoft Professional Program

The demand for Front-End Web Developers is expected to increase by 27% through 2024. That’s why companies need people who are fluent in programming languages and frameworks ranging from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to Angular, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

Change your world with DataChangers and start with the Microsoft Front-End Web Development Track! With these online courses it is possible to start a course wherever and whenever you want. All the courses are part of the Microsoft Professional Program.

The Microsoft Front-End Web Development Track exists of 12 steps to learn the basic skills of Front-End Web Development. This curriculum focuses on the job-ready skills in highest demand for front end web developers, from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to Angular, Bootstrap, and jQuery. You will learn, practice and prove they have the skills employers are looking for in a series of online courses with hands-on labs.

You don’t have to follow them in the specific order, but some courses are related. For every course you can obtain an official Microsoft Professional Program certificate, issued by Microsoft, for which you can buy a voucher from us (in collaboration with MD2C). All you need is your Windows LiveID to register with on the DataChangers Academy, and you will be ready to start your journey!

Steps of the Front-End Web Development Track

  1. Introduction to Front-End Web Development
  2. HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals (coming soon)
  3. Java Script Introduction (coming soon) or Introduction to TypeScript 2
  4. CSS Basics (coming soon)
  5. Advanced CSS
  6. Introduction to Bootstrap – A Tutorial
  7. Introduction to jQuery
  8. Angular Fundamentals or Introduction to ReactJS
  9. Advanced Angular or React Router and Redux
  10. Building Your Azure Skills Toolkit
  11. DevOps for Developers: How to Get Started
  12. Microsoft Professional Capstone : Front-End Web Development (coming soon)