About DataChangers

About DataChangers

We have a huge shortage of data specialists. Therefore, I like to teach people about this subject. I believe that everyone, at any level, can make a change in this new world of data, if you have passion and perseverance. I believe that you can develop your own potential, so you can change yourself, and make impact. I welcome you to change your world with data.

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer in the field of Data & AI and I teach for several Microsoft Learning Partners. I am currently available to teach the following course:

I am working on the next courses:

If you want to get some hands-on experience in the field of Data & AI, then you could do one of the hands-on labs.

DataChangers is part of MD2C and has been founded by Marian Dragt.

Marian Dragt

Marian Dragt - Data Scientist

I love singing baroque music, working on the fields and in the woods, hunting, knitting, gardening, milking cows…and yes, crunching data of course and teaching about it.