About DataChangers

About DataChangers

The amount of data is growing exponentially and we have a huge shortage of data specialists. We believe that everyone, at any level, can make a change in this new world of data, if you have talent, passion and perseverance. We believe that you can develop your own potential, so you can change yourself, and make impact. We welcome you to change your world with data.

We offer accessible courses with a pragmatic approach. Therefore, we partner with Microsoft and offer their Microsoft Professional Program tracks, like i.e. the Data Science track.

Do you want to learn data science yourself? Then check out our offers.

About our partners

We also believe in collaboration. Therefore, we started together with Breinwave and Do Good Only Company a new initiative: Future Skills Lab. With Future Skills Lab, you can learn data and AI skills, hands on. We offer full time labs, like i.e. the Future Skills Lab – Data Science Program.