About DataChangers

About DataChangers

We have a huge shortage of data specialists. Therefore, we offer accessible courses with a pragmatic approach. We believe that everyone, at any level, can make a change in this new world of data, if you have passion and perseverance. We believe that you can develop your own potential, so you can change yourself, and make impact. We welcome you to change your world with data.

We believe that education should be available for everyone. Therefore, the online preparation courses are for free including all exercises and labs.

We offer preparation courses for following role-based Microsoft Certified Professional Tracks:

DataChangers is part of MD2C and has been founded by Marian Dragt.

Marian Dragt – Data Scientist & Founder

Marian Dragt - Data Scientist

I’m passionate about analytics. I love to explore data and craft models in order to help companies and people making better business decisions. Besides, I like using technology to give people better insights. Most of all, I love singing baroque music!