Artificial Intelligence Track

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Track

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will define the next generation of software solutions. Human-like capabilities such as understanding natural language, speech, vision, and making inferences from knowledge will extend software beyond the app.

The Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Track exists of 10 steps to learn the basic skills of a data scientist, focussed on artificial intelligence. You don’t have to follow them in the specific order, but some courses are related. Some steps offer your various options, so you can use i.e. your preferred programming language. For every course you can obtain an official Microsoft Professional Program certificate, issued by Microsoft, for which you can buy a voucher until December 31, 2019.

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Artificial Intelligence Track

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  2. Introduction to Python for Data Science
  3. Essential Math for Machine Learning: Python Edition
  4. Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics
  5. Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition
  6. Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition
  7. Deep Learning Explained
  8. Reinforcement Learning Explained
  9. Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Speech Recognition Systems or Computer Vision and Image Analysis
  10. Microsoft Professional Program: Capstone Artificial Intelligence (tbd)