DataChangers Frequently Asked Questions

DataChangers Academy - Microsoft In-Class Courses

DataChangers Frequently Asked QuestionsThis DataChangers frequently asked questions overview tries to answer your questions. If your question is not answered, please share it with us!

Question: What do I need to start a DataChangers course?
Answer: You only need a Windows Live ID email address. With this Windows Live ID email address, you can register on our DataChangers Academy. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID yet, you can create one here: You can create a new email address, or use one of your existing email addresses, and set it up as a Windows Live ID. After registration on the DataChangers Academy, you can explore the courses and enroll.

If you want to follow a complete track, and get Microsoft certified, please make sure that you also enroll for the chosen track on the Microsoft Academy.

Question: Why do I need a Windows Live ID?

Answer: A Certificate of Completion is issued by Microsoft. Your Windows Live ID is the linking pin between the DataChangers Academy and Microsoft. After finishing a course, you are led to a website from Microsoft where you can issue a voucher. In order to issue a voucher, Microsoft will check if you have completed the course successfully. Therefore, the Windows Live ID is used as an unique key to make the connection with the DataChangers Academy and check your results.

Question: Are the courses really for free?

Answer: Yes they are! We believe in lifelong learning and want to facilitate you to keep up to the latest skills. Optionally you can buy a voucher for a Certificate of Completion after completing a course, which you can share on LinkedIn.

Question: I’ve finished my course, now what?

Answer: You have to option to buy a voucher for a Certificate of Completion, which you can share on LinkedIn. And of course we hope that you will continue learning, and enroll in other courses. When you have purchased your voucher code, you can follow the last step of the course (Get Microsoft Course Completion Certificate -> Instructions): by clicking on the green button “Get Microsoft Certificate” you will be led to It’s important that you logon with the same Windows Live ID that you also used for the Data Changers Academy. After logon, you can follow the steps:

  • Enter the voucher code;
  • Verify course completion;
  • Receive your Microsoft Certificate.

You may get the message to fill out your legal name.

Question: I would like to offer these courses to my students, would that be possible?

Answer: Yes, that is possible, please contact us on learning [at] datachangers [dot] com.

Question: I run an NGO/Foundation, do you have special voucher rates?

Answer: Yes, we understand that NGOs/Foundations have different monetary goals. Please send us your question to learning [at] datachangers [dot] com.

Question: I need a Power BI account, how can I get that?

Answer: You can sign up for an “Office 365 for Business” trial account, and this will create an email address that will meet the criteria for a PowerBI service account. Go here: and scroll down to the “Office Business or Business Premium” and click on “Try for Free“. When you fill this out you need (you can invent one) a business name. It will end up using this to create a business email account such as With this address that ends with, which you can use for the Power Bi service.