Data Analysis Track

Update 12 June 2020: COMING SOON! We are currently working on these courses.

DataChangers Professional Program for Data Analysis

With this Data Analysis Track you will gain the ability to analyze data properly, communicate data analysis results, and make an impact with data. There are critical skills today. Including visualization, descriptive and inferential statistics, and using logic for querying data sets, you will be ready to take on any data set. 

Grow your data analysis skills!

Learn critical skills through data analysis like problem solving, communication, decision making, and more. The tools of analysis may change, but its underlying skills will remain valuable.

This program is based on the retired Microsoft Professional Program. As Microsoft Learning Partner, we try to keep developing these kind of courses for professionals. Our courses are the step between the content on Microsoft Learn and the Microsoft Certified Professional courses, and include all kind of labs and exercises to check your knowledge.

For every course you can obtain a Certificate of Completion.

How to enroll?

  • Register on the DataChangers Academy
  • Purchase a course, or the complete track in our store (make sure you fill out the email address you signed up with for the DataChangers Academy)
  • We will enroll you for the purchased courses and you will receive an email notification with the link to the full course.

Data Analysis Track Courses (COMING SOON)

1. A Practical Introduction to Data Analysis for Absolute Beginners

Digital transformation and advanced technologies like AI and quantum computing are fueled by data. Every industry and profession needs data analysis, from a small business’s survey data to CERN’s hundreds of petabytes per experiment. Analyzing data is one of the most critical skills of the future. This course will bring you from the very beginnings of data concepts and structures in context, all the way through analyzing data, telling data stories effectively, and understanding the environments in which data exists throughout our work and life. It will also start you on the path to becoming a data analyst. Throughout the course, we’ll reference additional courses and learning paths you can take to help you on your data career journey.

Course audience: Aspiring analysts in any industry, as well as managers who need to learn data analytics, data scientists, engineers, software developers, AI engineers, and more.

Course outline: You can find the course outline, the labs and corresponding datasets on the Practical Introduction to Data Analysis Github Repo.

Get access to the full course: Unlock all the content: watch videos, read more, and check your knowledge by doing the labs and taking the quizzes. After successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. In our store, you can find this “Practical Introduction to Data Analysis” course.

2. Essential Math for Data Analysis using Excel Online

3. Data Visualization: A Practical Approach for Absolute Beginners

4. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

5. Querying Data with Transact-SQL

6. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel or Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

7. Analytics Storytelling for Impact

8. Applied Data Analysis: Working in Organizations and Industries